Yoko Ono & UNICEF at The UN

This is a video edited for the launch of the "Imagine" project hosted by Yoko Ono, Hugh Jackman & UNICEF at the UN. This is a sample of a corporate event edited & produced by As It Is Films.

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Animated Product Video for New App

This video is a sample of an animated product video for a new mobile app & IPO idea. The cost to story board, illustrate, animate, edit & produce a video similar to this would be under $1000.

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Motion Graphics Commercial for Candy Crush

This video is an example of a commercial made for promotional purposes using After Effects, VFX, Motion Graphics, Stock Footage, Voice Over & copyright free music. The point of this video was to take otherwise plain and boring information & build interest.

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Corporate Highlight Reel

This video is a corporate commercial with graphics & copyright free music announcing "The Best Car &