All videos in HD, with graphics, photos & your choice of music for $150

The only chance you have to make an impression on these coaches is with your highlight film. There are literally thousands of players trying to get signed and coaches need to SEE what you can do. If you don’t have a good video they WILL pass you by! Film don’t lie and everybody knows that. We will put together a PROFESSIONAL and ENTERTAINING video that lets everybody see what you can do and will give you much more bargaining power to help you land a better deal next season. 

If you want to get started here’s what we need…
#1. Links to each video with the Start Time of each of the plays you want in the Highlight Tape. (Example: Hawks V. Gators 2:15 Toss, 4:20 Block, 5:15 TD Run).
#2. The Song you want (YouTube link or email).
#3. Pictures or Logos you would like to use (google image links, facebook, email).
#4. Your Stats/Info you want displayed (Ex: Name, Number, Stats, Etc…).
#5. $150 Via to
#6. Email all the above info to us at  We will do the rest and have it back to you within 1-5 days.

How do you get the footage to us?
– If its on the internet send us the link.
– If its not on the internet, you can upload it to YouTube & send us the link.
– You can upload your footage to & send us the link.
– If you do not have a dropbox account you can upload your video directly
to our account. Just send us an email with your direct email address included.

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