Motion Graphics Facebook Ad

This client provided a voice over & asked us to create and source all the images, video, graphics & animations for this online corporate promotional sales video. As It Is Films did the storyboarding, direction, production, stock footage sourcing, video editing, graphics, animation & special effects on this video.

Artistic Motion Graphics Trailer

This Video is a short 2 minute inspirational podcast that needed to be "spiced" up and made more entertaining. We used After Effects, Special Effects, Graphics, Stock Footage & music to make this podcast video engaging and entertaining.

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Teaser for Full Video

As It Is Films completed the entire video production of this Social Media campaign. This was a several part series & this sample is a teaser used to promote a longer full length video advertisement. As It Is Films completed the following video production services on this sample: script writing, story boarding, video editing, graphic design, motion graphics, color correction, music selection, sound sync & mixing.

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Social Media Teaser

As It Is Films completed the post production on this sample which included the video editing, visual effects & graphic design. This client completed the pre production steps of brainstorming, script writing, voice over recording, directing and sourcing of stock footage content. This video production was done in collaboration which is a great way to cut the cost of professional video production.

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