Very Unique Wedding Highlight

This wedding video is a sample of what As It Is Films can do with older wedding footage that was personally shot. This wedding video was created from 2009 flip phone footage & photos taken by the bride, groom & guests. This wedding video was made to celebrate this couples 10 year anniversary. This sample is a unique wedding highlight reel with effects, techniques & photo incorporation in ways not commonly seen in wedding videos today.

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3 Minute Wedding Highlight Reel

Cost of Sample: $300

Average Wedding Highlight Cost: $300 - $500

As It Is Films completed Post Production on this sample including all video editing, color correction, sound sync, sound mixing & directing of photography. This was a multi cam wedding shoot with hours of raw content. The clients were very happy with the results of their edit.

For Your Wedding: Please just tell us who the key players of the day are & several songs that mean something to you.

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5 Minute Wedding Reception Highlight

Cost of This Sample: $450

Average Cost of Wedding Highlight: $300 - $500

Average Cost of Full Wedding Documentary Edit: $400 - $800

As It Is Films did all the post production on this wedding video sample which includes video editing, special effects, visual effects, color correction, sound sync. This video is part of a multi part documentary wedding edit.

Full wedding documentary edits are available upon request.

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Hawaii Beach Wedding Highlight

Cost of This Sample: $500

Average Cost of Wedding Highlight Reel: $300 - $500

Average Cost to Shoot & Edit a Wedding: $500 - $2000

As It Is Films did the full video production on this Wedding Highlight reel which includes filming, video editing, directing, producing, color correction & music supervision.

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